What is the gradation in Impact Parameters ?

The various SEO parameters that we grade your webpage on are classified into the following categories:

  1. Non-Impact Parameters
  2. Very Low Impact Parameters
  3. Low Impact Parameters
  4. Medium Impact Parameters
  5. High Impact Parameters
  6. Very High Impact Parameters

The above classification has been done in accordance with industry standards and our own research. For a parameter, there is an icon on the right which tells its impact on your search ranking and the difficulty in resolving it.

Consider the parameter 'Title', it has been classified as a Medium Impact parameter with Difficulty as 'Low'. This tells us that you should add a title tag to your page to improve your SEO grade as well as search engine ranking and that it can be done easily. Therefore, using the impact of a parameter you can prioritize which issues you want to fix first so as to get a better SEO grade and get noticed in search results. 

Our grading system is currently based on 23 SEO parameters which are classified into 5 impact categories starting with Very Low Impact Parameters. There are some non-impact parameters as well which do not have any reflection in your SEO Grade or search engine ranking in general. 

Using the difficulty level associated with each parameter you can set goals to achieve a target. Your SEO Grade is a culmination of the various parameters passed/failed by your page. In simple terms, if you resolve a higher-order impact parameter your grade will improve and with the associated difficulty level you ca easily determine which ones to implement first.

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